An island for holidays : top 5 sunny destinations

An island for holidays : top 5 sunny destinations

Going on vacation on a paradise island is everybody's dream. Deserted island populated with coconut palms, endless turquoise sea and you, lying on a deckchair, hand-squeezed fresh juice. At only a few hours from you or at the other end of the world, discover our top 5 paradise islands for a dream vacation!

The Top one 

1- The Cyclades: the sun has a particular fondness for this archipelago, making it a perfect destination for sunbathing. A special feature that has made the archipelago a destination particularly coveted during the summer. Do not worry though, with the number of islands that make up this archipelago, you will undoubtedly find your place in paradise easily.

The favorites to visit

2- The Dominican Republic: a trip to the sun can only rhyme with the Caribbean Sea. And the Dominican Republic is one of the most popular islands for summer holidays. An island full of beaches of fine white sand. Its decor really represents the photos of the postcards. Whether you are coming with your family to rest or alone, this destination is the best.

3- Mauritius: with temperatures always warm throughout the year, to escape for a long weekend, Mauritius is the island par excellence. True paradise on earth, wherever you go in the country, the beach will never be far. The turquoise-blue waters will be a few kilometers from your hotel and the restaurant where you have your dinner. And in addition to beaches and blue waters, themed and unique museums are to be discovered on the island.

4- Bali: the very definition of exoticism, Bali is the island of sun, fruit and good mood. It is a quiet and peaceful place, a real haven of peace. Like Mauritius, it is small, which allows to have the beach and the sea nearby. All year round too, Bali always has a hot weather and it rarely rains there, so you can organize a stay in the middle of October in the region.

5- Seychelles: Seychelles invest a lot in tourism and at least we can say that it works. With its exceptional panoramas, this island is absolutely worth visiting with a camera. And diving is a must for tourists visiting. And for those who love animals, Seychelles have a lot to offer too. Its breathtaking fauna includes giant turtles and endemic birds that cannot be seen on the island. And as a bonus, the beaches are as blue as their fine sand. With family or with friends or alone, your stay in Seychelles will probably be filled with everything there is to see in the region.

Plan your next vacation right now

With so many choices of paradise islands, the next trips must absolutely be to one of these destinations. With family, friends or alone, on these islands you will have plenty of time to tan while enjoying as many tropical fruits as you want. And to make good deals by booking, the Opodo site is here for you. You can plan your flight and your hotel on the Opodo site. If you want to blog about your adventures in sunny destinations, you can even gather informations on how to earn money from it on