The island way of life : customs, economy and food
25.11 2018

The island way of life : customs, economy and food

Island culture

Easter Island is a very small island in the eastern Pacific Ocean. It is located in Valparaiso, Chile. It is extremely isolated due to its geographical location. It is renowned for the awe-inspiring Moai statues that lie along the coastal areas not far from the seashore. Easter Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its landmarks featuring the mysterious Moai statues and its unique culture.

In fact, the island is fascinating in many ways. Its isolated location affects greatly the economy and nutrition. Apart from that, the island is renowned for its distinctive customs which add interests to the touristic values. Read and discover everything about Easter.

Easter Island: Economy

  •  Economy in Easter Island is based on farming, especially on crop cultivation. The most predominant crops are sweet potatoes.
  •  In addition, fishing plays an important role in the economy of the country.
  •  The Moai statues in the Island attracts many tourists every year. Tourism contributes a lot to the economy of the island, especially because the crime rate is low, and the weather is nice throughout the year.

Food and nutrition in Easter Island

  • Seafood makes up an important part of the Islanders' diet. They eat fish, tuna, shrimp, swordfish, and other fish species, particularly mahi mahi and rape.
  • The Islanders also feed on crop products, especially sweet potatoes, yams, sugarcane, plantain and other. They were imported into the Easter Island from the Marquesas Islands thousands of years ago.
  • Just like it was thousands of years ago, people in Easter Island still cook some of their meals in hot stones. They wrap the chicken or the sweet potatoes in plantain leaves, and cook it over hot stones. Cooking lasts very long hours.

Special customs in the Easter Island

  • Many myths and legends are associated with the statues of Moai along the coast of Easter Island. Still, the questions about who and why those statues were created and installed in the coast remain unanswered.
  • There are many sacred sites in the Island, among which are sacred caves and sacred places of worship. This means that there are many taboos and percepts to respect when you visit the island.
  • The inhabitants of Easter Island have a specific religion which is based on the soul's immortality. This belief may have a connection to the presence of so many statues along the coast.
  • The architecture and sculpture in the island reveals many mortuary rituals, initiations, gatherings take place in the island; and the celebrations take place to worship their gods.

Discover the Islanders' way of life

Easter Island is a unique jewel in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is endowed with fascinating architecture, landmarks and sculpture. On top of that, it is rich in cultural heritage. To explore Easter Island and its unique features, book your flight and travel accommodation through the online travel agency Opodo.

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